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June 25, 2019

The anniversary of the tugboat "Commissar Kvachantiradze"

In May of 1979, a tugboat of the port fleet of the BSP "Commissar Kvachantiradze" was floated from the shipbuilding factory of the city of Gorokhovets (Russia).
At the beginning of June 1979, the tugboat arrived in the port of Batumi and was put into operation.
On this vessel, not one generation of seafarers and port fleet workers carried out their labor activities and was brought up.
Today the tugboat "Commissar Kvachantiradze" uninterruptedly performs the operational duties assigned to the vessel.
Considering the fortieth anniversary and the uninterrupted operation of the vessel for the entire period of its operation, also for the International Day of Seafarers, General Director M. Adilkhanov awarded a veteran of port fleet, chief engineer of tugboat " Commissar Kvachantiradze" T. Uzunadze with a letter, and also presented a new television for the crew of the ship as gift.
September 26, 2019AdWIn honor of celebration of “120th anniversary of Kazakhstan oil”
August 26, 2019recordWeightlifter George Rostomashvili, who is the author of many world-weightlifting records on 25 August 2019, set a new world record in Batumi seaport.
August 21, 2019AwardingIn honor of celebration of the day of workers in oil and gas complex in Republic of Kazakhstan
July 29, 2019ShipOn Saturday, July 27 of this year, the administration of the Batumi Sea Port organized a boat trip for children of the port staff and for children from boarding school-gymnasium of the Holy Apostle Matthias.
June 25, 2019FOOTBALLIn 2011, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced June 25 as International Day of Seafarers
May 20, 2019MEMOOn 20 of May, “Batumi Sea Port” LTD was visited by the Chinese delegation.
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