"Kazmortransflot" (KMTF) and "Batumi Industrial Holdings Ltd(BIHL) to sign a memorandum of cooperation

According to the instructions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Nazarbayev dated January 23, 2013, due to increased freight traffic on the Aktau-Baku-Batumi route and within the framework of cooperation and partnership, the national maritime shipping company "Kazmortransflot" (KMTF) and "Batumi Industrial Holdings Ltd(BIHL) "composed of" Batumi Oil Terminal Ltd"," Batumi Sea Port Ltd " and" Petrotrans "signed today a memorandum of cooperation. Under the memorandum, the parties will help ensure cargo flows in the direction of the Aktau-Baku-Batumi exported from the territory of Kazakhstan, including transit cargos, as well as reverse car load of imported cargos from the Black Sea. According to the decree of the President of Kazakhstan, the company will expand transportation services for the processing of general cargo and develop marine ferry services. In fact, "KMTF" and "BIHL" are pioneers in this regard and have already begun working on the development of cooperation without waiting for further orders. "We are proud of our national company, we are proud that our vessels ply not only the Caspian Sea, but are put out into international waters. With this memorandum, "Batumi Industrial Holdings" and our company will combine their efforts to attract cargo traffic in the direction of the Aktau-Baku-Batumi "- said Marat Ormanov, CEO of KMTF. BIHL includes some of the most important assets for the region such as" Batumi Sea Port "," Batumi Oil Terminal "and

" Petrotrans ". Being important players of Georgian transit corridor, our assets are primarily of strategic importance for Kazakhstan. That is why cooperation with NC «KMTF» and the signing of this memorandum is fully consistent with the interests of our companies and the interests of Georgia and Kazakhstan, as the sole purpose of this memorandum is to increase cargo traffic for the benefit of employees and shareholders of our companies "- said Talgat Baitaziyev, Head of "Batumi Industrial Holdings Ltd."