BSP operational results for 2013

Dry cargo turnover of Batumi Sea Port for 2013 totalled 1 717 303 tons, which is 9% higher than last year results and makes 95% of the production plan for this period.

Leading positions in cargo turnover of the port belong to raw sugar with 528 064 tons (31%), ore bulk cargos with 505 276 tons(29%) and ammonium nitrate with 268813 tons (16%).

The production plan for raw- sugar was 26% over schedule, ore bulk cargos and ammonium nitrate demonstrated 8% and 23% behind the schedule accordingly.

The production plan has been exceeded by liquid cargos with 146591 (27%) and cement with 66 455 (33%). 100% of plan fulfilment was demonstrated by grain.

Transit cargo turnover was increased by 6% and made 43 % of the total BSP turnover. 80 % of transit cargos via BSP go to Azerbaijan. The percentage of import and export cargos decreased by 2% and 4% and made 35% and 22% accordingly. Majority of importing cargos come from Ukraine, and are mainly ore bulk. The main recipient country of Georgian export via BSP is USA where 53% of total export turnover of the port was transhipped.

The number of vessel calls for 2013 totals 714 units.