Regular meeting of Coordination Committee in Development of Trans-Caspian International Transport Rout (TCITR) was held on May 17-th,2016 in Tbilisi

Participants of meeting marked the importance of TCITR competitiveness development, formation of the route as one of the most important transport corridor in Euro-Asia. During lifetime of this body , since February 2014 there was conducted essential work in respect of creation of effective tariff policy,

Implantation of unified goods transportation technology, creation of jointly integrated logistic product Nomad Express , launched first transit container trains, established International Trans-Caspian Transport Consortium. The number countries-participants of Trans-Caspian corridor was increased.

Presently Committee is represented by railway, maritime, port administrations and logistic companies of seven following countries: Kazakhstan, China, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania.

During meeting the Issues concerned establishment of competitive tariff rates in TCITR for containers, railway cars, contrailer transportation were discussed.

The TCITR have been disposing a great possibilities and potentials for development of container transportation, assisting to increasing in trade in Euro-Asian continent.