In December 2011, BSP has spent 55 848 GEL on sponsorship of its employees and retirees as well as third parties. The bulk of this money was allocated as follows:

• sponsorship of Adjara Olympic Committee in the amount of 5000 (five thousand) GEL;
• sponsorship of 186 retirees of the port, including veterans, in the amount of 23 250 GEL;
• purchase of Christmas gifts for children of Makhindjauri and Urekhi orphanages, boarding school of Pheria and the centre for rehabilitation and adaptation of children with hypacusia, in the total amount of 6 852 GEL;
• sponsorship of St. Catherine the Martyr Charity House in the amount of 3 000 (three thousand) GEL.

Batumi Sea Port traditionally provides such kind of sponsorship on the Christmas and New Year eve.