On December 15th 2011 Batumi sea port management represented by the president of «Batumi Industrial Holdings» group of companies Mr. Abay Turikpenbaev and director general of "Batumi Sea Port" Mr. Vyacheslav Khartyan met the representatives of BSP canteen, security and watchman services. During the meeting they discussed the details of outsourcing of the above-mentioned services (outsourcing - The contracting or subcontracting of noncore activities to other companies which are specialised in the relevant fields).

Managers particularly stressed that there was no mass staff dismissal planned and the question was in the outsourcing of canteen, watchman and security services with total of 107 employees to the third parties. Termination of employment agreements with mentioned people is in full compliance with the law. The validity of their labour contracts expires on December 31. Despite this fact, «BSP» management carried out talks with potential contractors regarding the employment of these groups of employees with the security police based on the results of performance review and medical survey. Employees, who failed for various reasons to be employed with security police, will be offered positions of dockers at "BSP", after having had 2 months free training course. The port has announced 19 vacancies for this position.

All the canteen staff members are already employed with a company engaged in port catering. In 2012, «BSP» plans to implement three major construction projects, including: construction of new office building, construction of the maintenance workshop and treatment facilities to the railway. Implementation of the above projects will be carried out by contractors under the agreement with «BSP». Management intends to negotiate with these companies the possibility of engaging into these projects the rest of unemployed staff.

As for the dismissals, in the current year the number amounts to only 7 staff units - most of which are retirees or people of retiring age. All of the dismissed staff members without exception will get 2 months' salary compensation and annual health insurance covered by the Port.