BSP record results of 2012

BSP Dry cargo turnover in 2012 totaled a record result of 1 577 393,69 tons which is 77 393,70 tons (5,16%) more than the volume planned for this year and 3,93% higher compared to the last year result.

Leading positions among dry cargos still belong to raw sugar (30,15 %)and ammonium nitrate (21,78 %) with the overfulfillment of the plan by 13,73% and 22,27 % respectively.

Over fulfillments have been also observed on grain cargo- by 13 474,34 tons (12,62%).

Total number of vessel calls for the period in account amounts to 702.

There is a change in the cargo flow, where transit and imported cargo shares have been equalized and compose 37% each. The leader among the receiving countries of the transit cargos of BSP is Azerbaijan. 93, 67 % of the transit cargoes have gone to this country in 2012. Most of the imported cargoes come from Turkey. Main types of these cargoes are building materials. Second place goes to South Africa, from where 115 471, 40 tons of manganese and coke have been imported. Third place belongs to Brazil with 105 053, 10 tons of raw sugar and 2 300 tons of soy.

Dry cargo production plan of BSP for 2013 equals to 1 800 000 tons.