Port services

1. Loading, warehousing and storage of cargoes: 

- Loading/unloading jobs; - Reloading of cargoes on sea / river transport from other types of transport and vice versa by "direct" variant and through a warehouse of an open storage area; 
- Reloading of dangerous cargoes, oversized and heavy cargoes; 
- Dry cleaning of cargo premises of vessels; 
- Special fastening of cargoes on vessels; 
- Storage of cargoes on the open areas; 
- Weighing of cargoes; 
- Specifying of cargoes; 
- Sorting of cargoes; 
- Performance as agreed with the railway tonnage of the sketches and drawings on oversized and heavy cargoes; 
- Separation of cargoes.

2. Service of vessels and other vehicles:
- Passenger service at the port territory; 
- Granting of boats for service of vessels on road; 
- Granting of tugs for mooring operations; 

3. Organizational - economical services:
- Removal from the vessels the household - faeces garbage and also dust and food trash; 
- Water supply; 
- Power supply. 

Agency service, transport - forwarding and other kinds of services:
For agency, ship-chandler, surveyor, transport-forwarding, repair of vessels and ship equipment and other kinds of services, the consumer should address the appropriate firms.
Maritime agencies contacts.
5. Order of the conclusion of the contracts on services of the Batumi Sea Port:
The basis for registration of contract on performance of cargo handling jobs, warehousing, storage and all other kinds of services and works given by BSP within the limits of territory and water area of port, is the application for service and agreement of the parties, or written BSP offer about cargo handling agreed with the Customer.
For consideration of an opportunity of the conclusion of the contract the Customer owes to give the application – reference on the letter-head of organization and should contain the items about the kinds of services, on which the Customer offers to conclude the contract with BSP, nomenclature of a cargo and total amount in tons for one year or with breakdown on months, name and volumes of other services. As the proofs of the right and paying capacity in addition represent: 
- Guarantee of bank confirming its paying capacity; 
- The license on the right of realization of the appropriate kind of activity; 
- The certificate on state registration; 
- The certificate on state registration of the physical person in quality the individual businessman, with a stamp of a tax body and with the instruction of identification number of the tax bearer; 
- The appropriate power of attorney giving the right on the conclusion of the contract or participation in the decision of questions, connected with work in port; 
- Card with the complete essential elements of the Customer. 

For nonresidens of Georgia:
- Guarantee of bank confirming paying capacity of the foreign Customer; 
- Extract from the Trade register of the country of an origin of the foreign Customer with the certified translation in Georgian language; 
- Confirmation of powers of the person on the right to sign the contract, notarially certified power of attorney with the certified translation in Georgian language; 
- Card with the complete essential elements of the Customer. 

The contract is made by the representative of the customer in a Legal department of BSP.