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August 03, 2020

Modern Thermal Imaging System against Covid-19

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Labor of Georgia, during the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the work of large enterprises is permitted only if the body temperature of employees is measured at the workplace.
Due to the current circumstances the management of Batumi Sea Port has purchased and installed on all its check-points a modern thermometry system for non-contact measurement of human body temperature.
The installation of thermo screening system will facilitate the control of epidemiological situation at the enterprise, especially in the places where employees are massed. Previously, the measurement of body temperature was performed manually with the involvement of medical personnel and required a lot of time to determine the temperature, while not excluding the factor of inaccuracy in the measurement.
Thermal IP cameras installed on three check-points with a built-in thermal imager allow you to measure remotely the temperature and thus effectively resist the spread of the virus. Also, the Thermal imaging control system installed in BSP provides for displaying thermal screening information on a video recorder and using a database. Thus, statistics are available on the screen, such as:
• The presence of a mask on the person's face;
• Measured temperature;
• Personal data.
If the video surveillance camera records that a person's temperature is above the set standard, then information will be automatically uploaded to a specialized point with medical personnel, notifying that the person who came without a mask has a high temperature. In the future, the information will be transmitted to specialized medical anti-epidemic institutions.
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