Gifts for children at St. Matthew's Gymnasium in Batumi

On the eve of the New Year, the Batumi Sea Зort continued its long-standing tradition of spreading joy and goodwill by organizing the presentation of gifts for children at St. Matthew's Gymnasium in Batumi.

With smiles and excitement, representatives of the BSP visited the gymnasium to deliver New Year's gifts to children. The assortment includes various sweets.

Our team is very happy to contribute to the well-being and happiness of these wonderful children, especially during the holidays.

The company is aware of the importance of supporting local communities, and such initiatives demonstrate the power of collective compassion.

The pupils of the gymnasium expressed their gratitude with smiles, laughter and infectious joy, exploring their new treasures. The event not only brought joy to the children, but also strengthened the sense of community and connection.

The company hopes to continue its tradition of charity and inspire others to embrace the spirit of charity in the coming year.