Sea Port

Modern high-tech cargo and passenger transportation center of international importance

The port contains 5 terminals, 11 berths and a point of gratuitous filling. The total capacity of the port is 18 million tons per year. The number of ships of the port fleet totals 13 units. The history of the port begins with the 19th century.

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Romania Bulgaria Turkey Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Russia Ukraine

Port Services

Highly professional staff, developed infrastructure, favorable location and versatility allow to provide consumers with a wide range of high-quality services in optimal terms

  • Cargo transshipment
  • Cargo warehousing
  • Cargo storage
  • Ship maintenance
  • Household services
Services and tariffs
Port Services

Persons of BSP

Kartsivadze Gocha

Captain of the water barge «CHOROKHI»

Chkhaidze Gela

Motor operator of the tugboat «KOMISSAR KVACHANTIRADZE»

Lomakin Nikolay

Crane operator

Alania Zaza



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